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Raising a child with an intellectual disability can be a rewarding, but daunting and exhausting task.

There are many appointments to keep. The process of finding and funding the needed support services can easily overwhelm
families. Family members must cope with the stress of witnessing their loved one’s daily struggles with self-care,
social interactions, and education.

Furthermore, family members live with the knowledge that there will be no end in sight for these struggles. Finally, family members must also face their own troubling emotional reactions. Grief, resentment, disappointment, and frustration are commonly experienced. Guilt over having these normal, common emotions increase the emotional toll. Given these unique circumstances, it should come as no surprise that families often benefit from their own supportive services.



Fortunately, local schools and universities expressed their interest and support for joining and even hosting the
conference. Workshops were set up by the students, also taking responsibility towards people with intellectual
disabilities. The partnerships with educational institutes serve as an example of efforts made regarding inclusive
education meeting our ideas. Besides proclaiming the policy that every student is given the appropriate support
academically, emotionally and socially to become the best that they can be - Our educational partners from local
universities and colleges provide a hub for every individual who requires focused and targeted intervention. In addition,
some of them even established an Inclusive Programmes and Academies at their school leading the students to work
creatively and collaboratively in different fields with people who have a disability.


Sport teaches essential values and skills including self-confidence, teamwork, communication, inclusion, education,
respect and fair play neither requiring the necessity of speaking a certain language nor demanding characteristics
such as skin colour or intellectual ability to perform it.

Sport is just about connecting people disregarding any differing appearance or mindset. Combining the best of golf, education, interaction and exchange, friendship and entertainment, the Macau Golf Masters for athletes with ID swings into its eight edition. Further sport competitions and workshops such as in basketball, football, bowling, badminton and table tennis will encourage people with and without ID to
interact during the conference week.

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