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This workshop will be led by local and regional. Colours and art can be an important factor in improving the mental condition. It’s also a proven fact that painting encourages to directly communicating, talking about feelings when two people paint together. There may be planned simple art activities, which include drawing, painting and making collages. But they all help to develop learning and concentration skills by common dyeing, directing and showing how to hold the brush and colours are applied. Also, to learn the colours and to help them remember by linking a colour with object, image or story. That will improve their memory and they will learn to link things in order to remember them.


People with autism are challenged every day in learning coordinative skills like eye-hand coordination, which can impose restrictions on an independent life. These conditions can be frustrating and embarrassing, leading to problems of self-esteem and social isolation. To counteract these issues, the handicraft workshop provides playful activities in order to enhance fine motor abilities, conducted for the purpose of encouraging people to be an independent member of society. When people with autism / ID are having difficulty with these important skills, they may not want to participate in craft time, or they may be embarrassed to bring their finished product home. Having a finished product can help build a child’s confidence in his or her own abilities. Crafting is a haven to let your imagination run wild as they build sky rockets and fierce creatures, throw a pot or make a beautiful necklace or a mask. Experiment with a wide range of crafts. When self-expression is the goal, success is guaranteed, and art is an excellent way to express feelings that might be difficult to put into words. There is no such thing as right or wrong. With crafts, making the item, not the end result, is paramount. At the end of the crafts experience, everyone comes away with their masterpieces.

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